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So What Do They Really Know?: Assessment That Informs Teaching and Learning

In So What Do They Really Know? Cris Tovani explores the complex issue of monitoring, assessing, and grading students’ thinking and performance with fairness and fidelity. Like all teachers, Cris struggles to balance her student-centered instruction with school system mandates.

Do I Really Have to Teach Reading?  Content Comprehension, Grades 6–12

Cris Tovani, author of the acclaimed I Read It, but I Don’t Get It, brings her humor, insight and practical experience in reading comprehension across the curriculum. The book shows how understanding everything from a textbook math problem to a sonnet is easier when simple reading strategies are applied.

I Read It But I Don’t Get It:  Comprehension Strategies for Adolescent Readers

This practical and engaging book will show teachers in grades 6–12 how to help adolescents develop new reading comprehension skills. Using accounts from her own classroom teaching and staff development work, Cris takes the reader step-by-step through practical, theory-based reading instruction that can be adapted for any subject area.

Comprehending Content (DVD)  Reading Across the Curriculum, Grades 6–12

Teachers of adolescents across the country are under enormous pressure to cover more content in their disciplines, to make instruction more relevant to students, and to help students acquire the reading skills they need to succeed on standardized tests and beyond. In this video program, high school teacher Cris Tovani brings viewers into her school and classroom and shows how she and her colleagues are meeting the challenge of improving students’ reading skills across the curriculum.

Thoughtful Reading (DVD)  Teaching Comprehension to Adolescents

Teachers of adolescents face many challenges. Some students are skilled a decoding, but have few strategies for understanding complex genres. Others have entered their teen years struggling to decode even the simplest books and articles. In her successful book I Read It but I Don’t Get It, Cris Tovani, offered welcome advice on the techniques she used with the struggling readers in her high school classroom. Now this four-tape set allows you to see Cris in action.

Comprehension Going Forward: Where We Are  / What’s Next

Chapter 11: It’s Not Too Late to Be Smart: The Hope and How of Secondary Strategies Instruction

“The real genius of this book is that it is written by teachers, for teachers. All of the authors in this book know what classrooms are like. This means that authenticity and integrity pervade every chapter in the book. Teachers will immediately sense this authenticity on their way to realizing that the book offers an endless supply of useful suggestions.”-From the Coda by P. David Pearson

For those of us who teach comprehension strategies, Comprehension Going Forward is as near to the ultimate PD experience as we can get. Imagine a professional learning community where you could sit in as…

Ellin Keene and Debbie Miller swap best practices.  Stephanie Harvey and Harvey “Smokey” Daniels compare instruction across the grades.  Anne Goudvis and Tanny McGregor share ways to infuse comprehension into every subject area.  Cris Tovani and Nancy Commins apply the strategies to help struggling readers, English learners, and special-needs students.

In Comprehension Going Forward, you’ll meet up with 17 leading practitioners and researchers for an energetic, personal, and frequently irreverent conversation on what great comprehension instruction looks like, what an amazing range of applications it has for all students, and what we can do better. Not only do figures such as Susan Zimmerman and P. David Pearson include their own chapters, but, like any exciting conversation, they point out their favorite parts of one another’s chapters-highlighting discussion topics for teacher study groups along the way.

Read Comprehension Going Forward and RSVP to a get-together that no one who teaches reading will want to miss. Enter this powerful, lively conversation about how we can improve all readers’ comprehension today and join some of your favorite authors as they reach for a tomorrow where every child reads with deep understanding.

“Each author takes the comprehension strategies as a starting point, and then reaches out toward a different set of applications, extensions, and practices. But everyone is connected by the research base on comprehension instruction and by our common goal: to provide every child in America with an “All-Access Pass” to literacy.”-From the editor’s introduction by Harvey “Smokey” Daniels




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