Check out our new offering: Adolescent Reading RX on Heinemann’s new Digital Campus. It’s just like spending 6 days of intensive professional development with us. Join in the fun.


Check Out Our New Digital Campus Offering from Heinemann: Adolescent Reading RX

Check Out Our New Digital Campus Offering from Heinemann: Adolescent Reading RX   

Looking to demolish disengagement, boost comprehension, and turn nonreaders into readers?

Who isn’t? Adolescent Reading RX, Samantha Bennett and Cris Tovani’s Course at the Heinemann Digital Campus shares proven ways to help struggling readers succeed.
If you’re like most teachers, you’re looking for powerful ways to reach reluctant readers. Let Sam and Cris lengthen and strengthen your reach. Adolescent Reading RX explores ways to demolish disengagement, boost comprehension of increasingly complex texts, leverage formative assessment to create instructional feedback, and develop meaningful summative assessments and grading practices.

Course objectives for Adolescent Reading RX

  • Find ways to create a web of authentic, compelling reasons for students to read
  • Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of instruction on a daily, weekly, quarterly, or annual basis
  • Discover strategies for helping students comprehend more sophisticated texts over time
  • Learn techniques for checking whether readers are improving over time
  • Generate a 9-week unit plan that includes an anchor-text unit and a choice-based readers workshop unit

Check out our Video Introduction to Adolescent Reading RX now!


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